Friday, July 25, 2014

Drum Stick Stir Fry / Muringakka upperi

Drumstick is a commonly used vegetable in South Indian cooking. It is inevitable in Kerala& Tamil  Nadu Sambar recipe. Here is a quick drum stick recipe which goes well with rice.


1. Drumsticks 4 cut small to finger length
2. Shallots 10 -12
3. Crushed chillies 1 tsp
4. Curry leaves few
5. Oil
6. Salt


1. Cook drumsticks in pressure cooker.
2. Saute shallots in oil.
3. Add crushed chillies and curry leaves.
4. Add cooked drumsticks and saute well till no more water remains.


  1. Delicious and tasty stir fry....!! Happy to follow you dear, will be gr8 if you follow me back .

  2. delicious combination looks wonderful

  3. have never tried this way..looks delish!!
    Happy eid to u n family :)

  4. healthy and tasty murigikka upperi...looks very delicious and yummy....I am drooling here :-)

  5. Another interesting drumsticks recipe. looks so good and so easy. nice blog.

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