Saturday, November 24, 2012

Royal Falooda


Vanilla Icecream
Rooh Afza
Kaskas/poppy seeds
Cooked semolina


Cook semiya in milk.
Soak kaskas 10 mins before cooking, drain and keep aside.
Blend Rooh afza and milk.
Cut the fruits as you cut it for a fruit salad.
Keep everything cool till the time everything is mixed. You can even prepare the ingredients beforehand and mix them when needed.


Take a long glass or ice cream bowl.
Add the drained kaskas first.
Now add the cooked semiya. You get falooda semiya in the market.
Add fruits.
Add rooh afza milk.
Scoop vanilla ice cream on top.

Note :-
You can add jellies, nuts or any other if your favorite ingredient and make your falooda more yummier and colorful.