Thursday, January 10, 2013

Manga Chammanty


1. Raw Mango - 1/2
2. Coconut - 1 cup
3. Green Chilles - 1 (You can use crushed red chillies if you prefer)
4. Salt
5. Ginger 1 small piece


1. Cut 1/2 the mango to small pieces.
2. If the mango is too sour, grind coarsely the mango pieces and strain away the juice. Else the chammanty will be too sour.
3. Now add coconut, strained mango, green chilly and salt.
4. Grind them well, adding a little bit of water. Add 1 tbsp or so else chammanty will be watery.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Carrot Ularthu / Carrot Stir Fry


1. Carrot 6 No
2. Onion 1
3. Crushed red chillies - 2 dsp
4. Curry leaves - 1 strand
5. Oil
6. Salt


Cut the carrot into small cubes.
Cook them in pressure cooker (1 whistle), adding enough salt
Cut onions into small pieces
Fry the onions in a pan till golden brown.
Add the crushed red chillies and curry leaves.
After 1 min, add cooked carrot.
Cook until all water is evaporated.
Enjoy with rice or chapathy,

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mixed Vegetable Dosa


1. Dosa Batter 1 cup
2. Mixed vegetables 1/2 cup - I used carrot, cabbage, shallots, coriander leaves (Tomato, capsicum are good options)
3. Ghee/Oil


Chop the vegetables coarsely. Now grind them well to form a smooth mixture. Add to dosa batter and mix well. Add enough salt. Heat tawa, spread oil and spread the dosa mixture and sim for a minute. Flip and let it cook for a minute. Enjoy with chutneys or tomato sauce.

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