Monday, December 13, 2010

Fruit Custard


Fruit Juice(Any fruit, I used grape) -  4 cups
Corn Flour 6tbsp
Sugar 11/4 cup
Salt 1/4 pinch

Keep aside 1/2 cup juice.
Keep a thick bottom pan in stove and  boil the rest of the juice with continuous stirring.
Add salt and sugar and dissolve them well.
Dissolve the corn flour in the kept aside juice, without any lumps.
Add cornflour mix to the juice in the stove.
Lower the flame and stir well, until the custard thickens.
Switch Off after the custard has thickened.
Transfer to little moulds once cooled.
Sprinkle some sugar granules over each.
Allow to cool and refrigerate for 4 hrs.
Flip off the custard in serving dish.
The custard assumes the shape of the mould, so be sure to keep in cute li'll bowls.

Recipe Courtesy: Dr.Lakshmy Nair in MagicOven


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